Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Market trends - cheaper drug prices in US

Walmart announced yesterday that it was lowering the cost of a number of a broad range generics to $4 or $5 for a months supply and $10 for some on 90 days supply. These include generic anti-hypertensives, anti-cholesterol agents as well as may others, including even cancer drugs such as tamoxifen.

No doubt Target and K-Mart are forced to follow suit in order to compete.

The days of US citizens having to surreptitiously order and pay for prescriptions through Canadian internet pharmacies may be under threat.

Meanwhile, the several companies continue to kick the pharma industry while it's down, profiting off the patent losses of others and further extending their grip on the generic marketplace.

As healthcare costs continue to rise in the United States and big pharma companies watch their pipelines dry up, generic companies such as Teva Pharmaceuticals are doing well with a number of products that have recently gone off patent, such as the multiple sclerosis drug, copaxone. Aventis held the original approval, but since it went off patent, Teva manufactured Copaxone (glatiramar acetate), which passed over $500M in quarterly sales.

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