Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Merck buys theatre advertising for cancer vaccine ads

Has anyone seen the ads in US cinemas for Gardasil?

Apparently, Merck purchased ad time from May 30th through June 26th. The commercial will run during the trailers before SATC but also at screenings of The Incredible Hulk, Get Smart, The Happening and You Don't Mess with the Zohan among others. They're all films that will potentially attract the 19 to 26-year-old females, the likely target for the vaccine shots.

Merck is also hoping the Food and Drug Administration will soon approve Gardasil for women into their 40s, so perhaps the SATC campaign is also intended for them?

The company plans to file for the FDA approval of Gardasil for young men and boys who can carry and transmit HPV. Given the selection of summer movies Merck's marketers have made, I suspect the commercials are an attempt to raise awareness among guys as well.

Interesting approach.

Meanwhile, GSK are winning the battle for Europe, snapping up the tenders with it's cervical cancer vaccine, Cervarix. Unfortunately, Cervarix doesn't protect against genital warts although Gardasil does.

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